Usb Foldable Fan + Humidifier

Usb Foldable Fan + Humidifier

Price: 9,990(tax included)


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♻️It comes with a telescopic support, and the height is variable from 38 to 103.8 cm, and it can be converted to a tabletop or living room. It is a compact foldable type and can be carried around. We installed a 100ml water tank on the top. The mist blows out and it becomes even cooler. You can feel the moisturizing effect by putting it in water once for 4 hours.
♻️Air volume 4 steps ❉ Vertical angle 185° adjustment ❉ Silent sound] Air volume can be switched between low, medium, strong and rhythm wind 4 levels. Equipped with a "rhythm style" that adds rhythm to the air flow, it is as comfortable as natural wind and is ideal for taking a nap. You can freely choose the air volume you like according to the place and heat you use. You can manually adjust the fan up and down by 185 degrees and the column up and down by 90 degrees, and a cool breeze blows comfortably from various angles. It is a super-quiet design that does not bother you with a rotation noise of 30-40db while securing a powerful air volume with 3 blades.

♻️7200mAh large capacity battery ❉ USB rechargeable type- 7200mAh large capacity built-in battery is adopted. When fully charged (charging time ≥ 4 hours), it can be used continuously for about 24 hours at low air volume and about 6 hours at high air volume. It is a USB rechargeable type and can be easily charged by inserting it into a USB port such as a DC adapter, mobile battery, computer or vehicle charger. Use a DC5V 2A or higher power adapter. Please prepare the adapter separately.
♻️Many sub-functions ❉ Convenient storage With table light and night light functions, the brightness can be switched between two levels. It is very reliable as a measure against sudden power failure or disaster. The pedestal can be used as a smartphone desktop holder, which is very convenient. It has an output port and can be used as a mobile battery. The folded size is 106*206mm, and it is easy to store without taking up space when not in use!

Size: 206mm*206mm*106~1038mm
Weight: 1100g
Input specifications: 5V 2A
Output specifications: 5V 1A