USB External Sound Card with V8 Effects

USB External Sound Card with V8 Effects

Price: 15,990円(tax included)


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✔Nice sound quality- Voice changer has dual digital signal processor built-in, this processor chip has noise reduction and echo effect, avoiding the influence of current noise, guaranteeing high quality of sound quality, graceful song Sing, mix and echo to make your voice more appealing. We also provide videos of voice card introductions at YTB. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using the voice changer.
✔Multi-function- There are various effects, modes and games, 6 kinds of mode selectable, 12 kinds of electronic effect options, 12 kinds of funny sound effects, 7 kinds of different games, 3 kinds of voice conversion I can do it.
✔Compatible with multiple equipment- Applicable to mobile phones, PCs, tablets, Andriod, electronic devices, and some game devices. xbox ps 4 does not apply
✔In the case of multiple applications- It can be a multifunctional application. For example, home karaoke, voice chat, live broadcast, Usb microphone, Youtube, Facebook, periscope, Livestream, Tiktok, WeChat, Smule, etc. It's very convenient in plug and play.