USB Neck Fan Air Cooler

USB Neck Fan Air Cooler

Price: 3,990円(tax included)


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♻️The hands-free fan is designed as a headset that releases your hands anywhere. Fashion style makes you look cool.
♻️Hanging around your neck is suitable for traveling in hot weather, which saves you from the embarrassment of dripping sweat
in public in many places.
♻️3.Dual wind head and flexible arm: The portable fan has two wind heads, which can feel more powerful airflow, no fan blades
and no hair, can rotate 360 degrees, light, simple and easy to create powerful wind for you. Perfect for personal cooling,
camping, outdoor activities, travel, offices, churches.
Material: ABS, PC
Battery: 1800mah
Power: 5V 1A
Package weight: 400g
Package size: 260*185*65mm
Charge Time: 2~3 Hours