Imou OutDoor Security Camera

Imou OutDoor Security Camera

Price: 12,990円(tax included)


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♻️1080P high pixel/smartphone remote control” Imou surveillance camera is equipped with 2.8mm lens and 1/2.7 inch high resolution 2 million pixel CMOS, and it can project high quality images beautifully and clearly. Equipped with a 16x digital zoom, the screen is clearly visible even when enlarged. Wired and wireless 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection Two connection methods are available, and it supports multiple terminals for iOS/Android/Windows, and you can see the state of your house anytime, anywhere with just the "Imou Life" app. (Not applicable to 5GHz)
♻️Motion detection alarm recording, IP67 all-weather function, 30m night vision shooting, Imou watching camera has a motion detection function, and when abnormal movement is detected, it will be sent to the smartphone with an alarm and recording will start. I will. The start/end time of motion detection can be adjusted in the app. With the IP67 label all-weather function and 30m night-vision shooting function, it can handle various bad conditions such as strong sunlight in the summer and wind and rain, and protects your house 7/24 with 24-hour recording. When you're on the go, you can not only capture the cute moments of your pet or child in the garden, but you can even capture the appearance of a thief and provide evidence to the police!
♻️H.265 technology, SD card/Cloud/NVR save, GDPR privacy protection" Imou outdoor security camera uses H.265 space-saving bandwidth technology to reduce 50% space than ordinary camera And you don't have to worry about network speed, you can choose up to 128GB SD card/Cloud/NVR storage method. The GDPR certified IMOU cloud protects your privacy as a treasure trove and bank level personal data protection doubles the security of your home.
♻️Multiple cameras interlocked, Wi-Fi reinforced antenna installed, 5m recording range microphone built in" "Imou Life" app allows multiple cameras to interlock, and you can create a home security surveillance system without any restrictions. This network camera uses a 4.5dBi antenna and a Wi-Fi signal to enhance the signal, so that the signal can be stably connected even when the distance between the camera and the router is long, and frequent contact interruptions are avoided. The built-in microphone has a recording range of 5 m, which allows you to record interactions with family members within the recording range and conversations with guests and mailers visiting outdoors.