TEAMYO Mini Portable Arctic Air Cooler

TEAMYO Mini Portable Arctic Air Cooler

Price: 5,990円(tax included)


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♻️AIR PURIFICATION COOLER: The built-in UV-lamp of portable personal air cooler is more effective than liquid disinfectant
and does not release irritating odors. The applicable area is 20 square meters. You can easily change the wind direction by
hand, so you can adjust the blinds up and down in the wind.
♻️3-IN-1 MULTI-FUNCTION AIR CONDITIONER FAN: With cooling, humidifying and purifying functions. Unlike air
conditioners, it prevents dry skin. But its cooler than a fan.
♻️3 MODES OF WIND SPEEDS: 3 Gear Wind Speed For Your Choice,Freely Adjust According To Your requirement.
♻️HUMIDIFICATION COOLING WIND: Portable cooling fan can fill the waterbox with ice and water for mist humidify cooling
♻️QUIET & USB CHARGING: With a unique mute technology that wont affect your sleep with your child, USB charging is
very convenient and easy to take anywhere.

Weight: 1200g
Input voltage: 5V
Cooling power: 2.5 -3w
Capacity: 500ml
Size: 16* 14.4 * 20.6 cm
Package Including Air Cooler Humidifier x 1 Manual x 1 1.5 m USB cable x 1 (without adapter plug)