Taotronics Tower Fan Heater

Taotronics Tower Fan Heater

Price: 12,990円(tax included)


Item description

Product Details:

☆ Warm in 2 seconds
It has a large air volume of up to 1500W and is excellent in quick warming.
When you switch it on, it will warm up immediately for 2 seconds, creating a warm space.
Warm air blows out and spreads the warmth to the surroundings.

☆ High safety
It is not PSE certified, and is equipped with a "double safe fall off switch" that automatically stops energization when it tilts or falls.
It also has excellent safety because it does not re-energize until it is returned to the correct orientation.

☆ High quietness
The ceramic fan heater with excellent quietness has a low working noise,
You can also use it in the bedroom or study.

☆ 1500W, 100v

Package contents:
Electric fan heater body x 1
Remote control x 1 (batteries not included)