Sandwich Maker 3in1 Waffle & Grill

Sandwich Maker 3in1 Waffle & Grill

Price: 9,990円(tax included)


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✔3 in 1 Sandwich Toastie Maker - Comes with 3 detachable and non-stick plate (11.2 x 5.9in) for sandwich, waffle, and steak, chicken, etc.
✔Cut and Seal System - Makes triangular sandwiches and browns toasties more evenly, with all the fillings sealed inside. Nonstick coating for cleaning easily, prevent food from sticking to the sandwich maker.
✔Fast and Safe - This 900-watt sandwich maker makes it heat up faster and makes sandwiches much faster, save your time! Stainless steel case, lid with closure, anti-slip feet, heat-proof handle for safe handling.
✔Ready-to-Cook Indicator- Power on and preheat green light is on. After preheating, the green indicator light goes out, you can add ingredients and wait for it to be delicious.
✔Voltage 100v