Yunbaoit Portable Air Cooler with Humidifier (100 ~ 240v)

Yunbaoit Portable Air Cooler with Humidifier (100 ~ 240v)

Price: 6,990円(tax included)


Item description

Product description:

100 ~ 240v
Double Sprayer, Double Cooling
Tank Volume: 8.1 fl oz (230 ml) sealed tank
Filter: 8 layers 2 filters
Waterless condition: Cooling: 4.4 - 4.6 °F (1 - 2
Additive water condition: cooling 4.4 - 11°F (2 - 4°C)
When filled with ice, cooling 4-6 degrees Celsius

3 air flow modes: Wide angle of 120° to adjust the air flow.
1 weak, 2 medium, 3 strong.
45db 55db 65db
Sleep Safe at Night
1,2,3 hours sleep timer
Quiet operation
Power Off Timer
Waterless detection

Touch button, practical night light
32 warm white LED beads, gradually brightening light, eye friendly.

Compact, portable
Suitable for people who do not have air conditioners or are sensitive to air conditioners.

Every 100 hours of electricity
Product consumption:
Current Voltage: 5V 2A Power: 10W
Tank Capacity: 8.1 fl oz (230 ml), Weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg).

【5 Multifunctional Cooling Fans】This cooling fan has 5 functions: fan, cooling, humidifiing, air purification, and LED night light. 1. The internal filter purifies the dust in the air, creating a healthy fan with natural wind. 2. It has a misting function as a humidifier, protecting your skin from air conditioning, and preventing dryness. 3. The cooling function allows you to fill the water tank with ice water and release a pleasant cold air from the air vent. This tabletop cooling fan is suitable for office, bedroom, kids room, kitchen and other places without air conditioner. Perfect for children, women, seniors and anyone who is sensitive to the cold
3 Air Flow Modes, Adjustable Wind Direction: 3 levels of air flow: low, medium, and strong. The wind direction can be adjusted 120 degrees vertically, allowing you to enjoy the cool breeze. Silent so it won't disturb your sleep, read, or work and you can use it with confidence. Note: When sleeping, it is recommended that the air flow is low or medium. Please note that the strong sound will be a little loud
(Efficient Double Sprayer, Double Low Temperature Humidification) The 8.1 fl oz (230 ml) of sealed tank can be used for 24 hours of continuous atomization. No need to worry about leakage. The cooling phone has two spouts inside and front. The spray nozzle uses ultrasonic waves to turn water mist into fine mist. The mist sprayed from the inner spout evaporates and absorbs heat as the action of the wind, so the cold wind reaches the intended purpose of cooling. The mist sprayed from the front spout mixes into the air, keeping your body cool and dry from your skin. This cooling fan has the ability to detect the lack of water. When the water runs out in the tank, the atomization automatically stops to prevent high heating. The atomizing lamp also flashes to notify you of running out of water. You can check the water level check window on the side
(Sleep Timer, Night Light) The sleep timer function can be used at 1 h, 2 h, 3 h depending on your needs. It will automatically turn off when the set time is reached. Unlike other night lights, there are 31 LED beads installed inside the top light for actual lighting effect. Furthermore, when you turn on the light, it will gradually become brighter, so the warm white light will protect your eyes at night
Easy to operate, easy to move and energy-saving: The operation is a gentle one-touch function. Energy saving design with 100 hours of electricity and low power consumption, perfect for low carbon lifestyle;1.2kg lightweight and convenient to carry anywhere such as office, reading corner, dorm, home, workroom, basement, etc.
Japanese instruction manual included. Power Consumption: Current: 2 A Voltage: 5 V Power: 10 W Note: This item is not air conditioner.