Grownsy Steam Cooker (Yellow)

Grownsy Steam Cooker (Yellow)

Price: 7,990円(tax included)


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* (Up to 14 Cook Simultaneously): With 2 tiers, you can make up to 14 at the same time, so it is great for making family meals. You can also adjust the amount and time of water using the timer to make your favorite delicious boiled eggs that are hard boiled or semi-ripe. You can make it without the need for a stovetop, so it's great for busy mornings

* Expands the Range of Cooking: The base of this egg cooker is made of non-stick material, so it can be used to cook boiled eggs, as well as dumplings, frozen potatoes, fried eggs, omelets, potatoes, corns, leftover dishes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and more. It also allows you to observe the state of your food through the visible lid. Anyone can use it easily

* Excellent non-stick: The surface of the base is made of a superior non-stick surface that is scratch resistant, so you can easily fried eggs. (Note: When used as a frying pan, the temperature of the anti-cooking temperature is 396°F (180°C), so the power will automatically turn off when the surface of the pedestal is over 396°F (180°C). Please note that it is not broken. Wait for 2-3 minutes and turn on automatically and recook Perfect for food that can cook in a short time. )

* Dual Safety Devices: This product has an anti-shaking function and a timer, and has two safety devices. If the water runs out, the power will automatically shut off when the surface of the pedestal reaches 366°F (180°C). Safe to use