OMNISAFE Mini ATM Piggy Bank

OMNISAFE Mini ATM Piggy Bank

Price: 7,990円(tax included)


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Japanese Instruction Manual & Instant Shipping: Japanese instruction manual is included so you can use it with confidence. ◆It also comes with a 3-month manufacturer warranty and returns in the event that the product is defective. ◆Amazon exclusive stock, so it will be shipped immediately after your order has been confirmed. Arrives at the shortest date. Furthermore, if you have any questions about how to use the product, please feel free to contact us by email or refer to the instructions shown in the illustrations below
★【Fun Saving】◆ Just like ATM and vending machines, you can automatically suck your bills and enjoy saving! ◆ Cute design makes it the perfect toy for kids. Compatible with all coins, including 500 yen balls. You can enjoy the pleasant speed when you suck your bills and sounds when you open it after you unlock it. o(^o^) o The most motivation for savings in your piggy bank. Note: This product may damage the circuit board when using a large current battery and may not be used normally. Use cheap carbon batteries
★【Perfect Gift】◆ Choose from six cute designs! Recommended as a gift for kids, and makes a great gift for birthdays, children's days, kindergarten entrance ceremonies, recitals, or Christmas
★【Professional PIN Code Lock】◆ Includes a 4-digit password to manage your money. The password can be studied for numbers. Manage your own secret password. No need to worry about taking it to your family! Can be your own safe. Note: For initialization, if you remove the batteries and leave them in 10 places without reset, please set the batteries and press the #key for 10 seconds. This is also a method of initialization
★【Saving Awareness Education】◆ Cultivate the concept of money for your child and teach the awareness of savings from an early age. Increases the ability to turn your pocket money into a savings without having to scatter. Since it has a dial lock, it seems to be able to save money even for children who can't save their intention. Note: If the door does not open correctly, even though the product is not problem, please refer to the instruction manual